Elena Angel at the London Tantra Festival, 22nd October 2016

Elena Angel returns to the London Tantra Festival in October 2016 with a special group session — open to all who wish to experience the Three Pillars of Tantra…

Tantra for Embodiment, Connection and Enlightened Partnerships

Modern living and pressures mean that most of us have become disconnected from our body and the deepest yearning of our heart and soul. This affects our ability to connect and relate, leaving us feeling lonely, inauthentic and unfulfilled.

In this workshop, you will experience how the “three pillars of Tantra”, breath, sound and movement, help you to drop deeper into your self and your body, connect with your innermost being, and begin to express yourself and connect with others from this new place of truth, presence and aliveness.

Through group and partner exercises, you will literally bring more light into your self, connect from the heart and, as you do so, experience the energetic foundation of enlightened partnership — what you need to bring your relationships to the next (sublime!) level.

The workshop takes place on Saturday, 22nd October, 11am and lasts 90 minutes.

Information — registrations: London Tantra Festival

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