Have you found your voice yet? Authenticity and creative self-expression for all-round success.

Mercury is no longer retrograde, time to communicate!

But how do we communicate? How do we express ourselves at work, at home, in our relationships?

Finding the voice that comes from the very depth of our being, our soul, and speaking, creating, working, loving from this place used to be a radical proposition.

Not any more.

Sera Beak tells a beautiful story of her own emergence, overcoming struggles and fears to unleash her soul’s voice. A success story that’s poignant, full of tenderness, as much as courage and strength.

So she’s not a confident speaker. Or is she?

Her authenticity and vulnerability make her message all the more powerful, and she is most definitely an inspiration to us all, both men and women — all of us awakening to our soul’s calling and seeking the freedom, joy and fulfillment that can only come from authentic, creative self-expression.

Let me put it differently.

Your destiny is who you are.

And it’s time to let go of small-minded expectations, conditioning and limited notions of who you are.

Time to open up to the Divine mystery you hold in your heart and being, and let that carry you to a quality of living and loving that far exceeds anything you could ever imagine — never mind plan…

These are some of the themes we’re exploring tomorrow at “Your Voice, Your Self, Your Destiny”, a free event for Women in London and, much more extensively, at the Women’s Summer Retreat in Spain, 20th-26th July.

Or contact me to find out how The Ultimate Connection can support you in making the shift to a much expanded life experience.

Look forward to seeing you very soon,

Elena Angel offers soulful relationship and life coaching in London and remotely via Skype and phone.

P.S. Ladies attending the free event tomorrow will get a chance to meet amazing Women who meet regularly for Cacao Ceremonies and other Women’s Circle meetings in London. The lovely Monika Vecerskyte of RisingHer, blogger, photorapher and promoter of Women’s awesomeness will be there to take photos and share (here’s an article I contributed to her blog RisingHer recently, relevant to our recent Womb Healing Ceremony) and there will be more sharing of personal journeys and inspiration from other sisters, including a very special surprise offering… (I’ll say no more!)

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