Womb Healing with Cacao ~ Women’s Circle meeting in London

The Women’s Circle “Being Woman: Yin, Yoni and Beyond” meets again for another Women’s Only event: Womb Healing with Cacao.

We are Women. The seat of our power is our Womb.

Our powerful emotions and creative force emanate from our Womb. When they are healed and filled with light, we create unimaginable beauty and open to bliss.

Today, we have the opportunity to dive deep into our Womb space, heal old wounds and connect with our Womb wisdom and creativity.

Open the way to:

  • healthier, more honouring and empowering relationships
  • enhanced creativity and ability to manifest your desires
  • more pleasure and bliss in your body and being

On this night of the New Moon we will:

  • connect Womb, Heart and Soul
  • invite Divine light and inspiration into the Womb
  • nurture our dreams, intentions and each other

as we go on to manifest a more powerful and loving expression of ourselves and our gifts.

There will be sharing, music, dance, meditation and a sacred healing journey, assisted by Ceremonial Cacao.

Advance registration essential!

Read more and register.