The heart of the matter (or the glory of love). Discover the best version of you.

Perhaps it’s because of the recent Scorpio Full Moon and all those planets going retrograde.
Maybe it’s because of the dire, wintry weather we’ve been having.
Or maybe it’s just life (you know about my recent bereavement).

Whatever the reason, I’ve been very mellow lately, feeling the sadness of transience and loss, wondering about the meaning of life and my place in it…

What do I want? Who do I want to be? And does it really matter?

And then, I saw this poem:

In the end

Love remains

Gloriously undefeated…

            – Michael Xavier

All became clear.

Ultimately, it’s about love.

Living with purpose comes a close second, but it seems to me that no matter who we are and where we choose to put our energy, it’s love that sustains us.

It’s the absence of loving connection that hurts the most.

And it’s love shared that makes us happiest.

As we go through life, we grow, learn, develop ourselves and make changes; in truth, however, the process of transformation is less about us changing and more about us loving ourselves more.

The best version of you is the one defined by love.

Join Make Soul Mate Connections and discover a more lovable and loving YOU.

On Saturday, 2nd July, we have a special Day of Soul Mate Connections with Ceremonial Cacao and Sound Bath, together with sound healer and Reiki master, San Lau. Ceremonial Cacao is a Medicine of the Heart, helping us to connect with and embody the joy in our hearts. A gentle healing journey balances the livelier music and dance part of this unique workshop experience. Read more and register.

Then, there’s the Women’s Circle: we are a growing community of sisters, supporting each other to heal and awaken to our true feminine essence (which is LOVE). Together, we embody the fullness of our creative expression and use our unique feminine gifts to create more joyful, rewarding lives — for ourselves, our loved ones, those we work with.

Coming up: Summer Solstice Cacao Ceremony with special guest, Catherine Hale on Tuesday, 21st June in London (W2). We will share, dance and journey through polarity to integration and wholeness. Read more and register.

Register soon for the Women’s Summer Retreat ~ Luminary Emergence in Spain. This is perfect for you, if you’re feeling the calling to spend time in nature and enjoy a beautiful space where you may nurture yourself and your feminine gifts and talents.  Recharge, reconnect with your radiant self, clarify your vision and energise your intentions for the life and love of your dreams.
Flights to Malaga and Granada are very reasonably priced and there’s an easy-payment option for the retreat, which makes this a truly unmissable opportunity. Find out more, including programme details, my own story, participant testimonials and a photo gallery, and register on the event page.

As always, I’m very happy to answer questions and to support you on your journey in any way I can. Please feel free to e-mail or call me on 07576 366 197.

Connect again soon…

Love & blessings,

Elena Angel offers soulful relationship and life coaching in London and remotely via Skype and phone.





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