Manifest Your Soulmate workshop in Psychologies Magazine

Grace James, 32, was married in her early twenties, but divorced recently. After a year of disastrous dating, she tried a new approach — and wrote about it in her “Special Report: 21st-century Dating” for Psychologies Magazine.

Here’s her account:

“So there I am, sitting on a cushion in a white-walledroom, staring into the eyes of a stranger. I collapse into the giggles. Unfortunately, the young, handsome man holding my hand does not share the joke. Which makes me even worse. I laugh so much that I spit on his hand. It’s not the greatest end to the day.

I’m on a Manifest My Soulmate one-day workshop run by Elena Angel, an ‘intimacy coach’, who bases her work on Tantric principles. During the course, I learn that Tantra is far more all-encompassing than sex (although Tantra is one of the only spiritual belief systems that celebrates sexuality) but it’s a framework that teaches us how to live well – especially in the area of relationships and intimacy.

‘It’s a spiritual path,’ says Elena. ‘Tantra invites you to become intimate with yourself so you can be intimate with another and ultimately with the divine.’

But will it help me find a boyfriend, I joke?

‘Yes,’ she answers simply.

And that’s why I’ve spent the last five hours meditating, sitting on cushions sharing my feelings with a group of around 15 women and 15 men – mostly attractive, 20 to 50-year-olds.

And dancing. In a movement meditation before lunch, I danced for 40 minutes. I don’t think I’ve ever danced without the use of alcohol since I was about nine years old…”

Curious to learn more for yourself? Maybe even manifest a new partner? A soulmate?

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