Why romance is here to stay (and how men’s hearts open to love)

Valentine’s Day is approaching and it’s one BIG commercial ploy.

Even so, it warmed my heart to read this popular blog by Dina Strada, one of many romantic offerings in circulation at this time: it’s about what caused men to fall in love.

“In a world where we are surrounded by so many relationships breaking up, couples divorcing after 15-20 years together and bitterness between ex-lovers, it’s refreshing to hear that people still get giddy talking about what actually made them fall in love with someone.”

I couldn’t agree more.

In truth, despite a hypersexualized culture and pressures that would have us “toughen up” and hide our vulnerability and isolation behind elaborate facades, we remain human. Sensitive. Romantic. Yearning to love and to be loved.

So, what captures men’s hearts?

It’s subtler than you might imagine.

One man, Paolo, shares: “We met on the dance floor. I was the only one dancing until I turned around to see her dancing alone and that’s when our two magnetic fields pulled us together.”

Yes, ladies: men are sensitive to energy too! (And dancing helps to connect…)

He continues: “I fell in love with her smile and her strength. She made me realize my potential and continues to help me break out of my shell every day.”

I’m reminded of David Deida’s answer to the question “How should a man choose a woman?”

“You should choose a woman whose company makes you give the largest gift you have to give.”

(from the talk “Love, Fear, Trust, and Depth”)

This is exactly what a good partnership, a soul mate partnership, is about: opening you, man or woman, to your fullest potential.

This kind of relationship is one of unparalleled freedom AND intimacy. It enables you to be yourself MORE than you would be on your own.

And romance is a crucial ingredient.

As Marianne Williamson writes in her foreword to Deida’s Dear Lover: A Woman’s Guide to Men, Sex and Love’s Deepest Bliss, while romance can be “many things to many people, rarely is romance the caricature we see portrayed in consumer advertising.”

Romantic love is something of a mystery and it has a spiritual element. “It is rising up to meet us at the level of who we really are.

Viewed spiritually, romance is, in its divine essence, a temple space. It is one of God’s laboratories, a mode of spiritual transformation.

It is, when held this way, a sacred opportunity for souls to jump past the confines of the narrow self, to take quantum leaps forward into new and uncharted emotional possibilities. There love corners us, putting a mirror up to our faces and demanding that we surrender: surrender the hurt, surrender the past, surrender the walls, surrender the blame, surrender the defenses, surrender the limits, surrender the fear…”

Romance is not for the faint hearted, then!

But your soul’s calling for it, so you might as well find your courage and claim the love that is your birthright.

It is my aim to assist you on this journey, especially through my Soul Mate Connections event series.

Coming up: A Day of Soul Mate Connections with Ceremonial Cacao & Sound Bath, together with sound healer and Reiki master, San Lau. Ceremonial Cacao is a Medicine of the Heart, helping us to connect with and embody the joy in our hearts. A gentle healing journey balances the livelier music and dance part of this unique workshop experience. Read more and register.

I know that the thought of attending a personal development workshop can evoke fear.

Somewhere in your heart, however, beside the fear, you will also find a deep yearning to love and connect; effervescent joy and playfulness; unique talents and gifts, expressed and unexpressed; tremendous creativity and passion — all wanting to be shared. In partnership.

Come, join me, join a community, and surrender some of those fears! You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find how easy it is. It’ll be fun, even! And you will begin to experience tangible improvements in your life and relationships.

If you have any questions, please use this form to contact me.

Very much look forward to seeing you!

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