Interested in workshops? Testimonials from participants.

Elena Angel delights in holding group sessions, workshops and retreats in London and internationally.

These events provide a stimulating and nourishing environment that supports participants’ personal development. Each has its own distinct theme, focussing on enhancing relationships, self-expression and utilising spiritual principles for success.

Participants write:

Please take this as a heartfelt thanks for the workshop… Having been apprehensive and yet curious I was delighted to find that you provided an incredibly safe space to be, with the freedom to learn, explore, discover, experiment and grow. Recognising boundaries and then having the support guidance and encouragement to move and expand beyond those to discover a bigger space in me was awesome.

I emerged with a very grounded experience based on understanding the connection between self and others, heart, sexual energy and the divine, and how wonderfully and intrinsically these elements intertwine.

I continue to enjoy the ripple effect of the workshop as it touches the deepest parts of my mind, body and soul and I know this just the beginning of a wonderful journey. At times this is proving challenging and yet I have never felt so energised and in love with life itself. – Peter

Amazing! It was really really amazing… The whole space was so warm and inviting.

The group work we did, that to me was a revelation, because in a very short space of time, really, just through talking to each other… we just became very emotionally intimate with each other, but in a very safe way, in a very supportive way. So, brilliant!

Someone else said they felt cherished. That was beautiful… I don’t think we get that an awful lot, people saying really lovely things to you. I think we were all really moved by that.

Elena obviously really knows her stuff. I really want to find out more about the whole area of connection and intimacy… She’s really inspiring.   –  Lisa

It just feels so comfortable. It feels like a safe space for some reason. I don’t know how that was created… Everyone was so pleased and so happy and comfortable talking and receiving feedback.

It’s a different type of connection. A deeper connection without words.

It’s already overwhelming in a very good way. It was like WOW.  – Jane

Eye-opening and very aligned with what I know to be true.

Inspiring and fun. What a gift! — Ineta

I loved the sharing, the intimate connections, the deep care and compassion.

The atmosphere encouraged me to open up personally and intimately. I felt protected by the warmth and concern of so many spiritually attuned individuals who shared their own insights and wisdom.

An incredible opportunity to develop and arrive at a better understanding of myself.  — Justin

I got so much from your workshop on Sunday morning at the festival!

It was brilliant, and loved the way you gave such wisdom in a way that was funny, fun-filled and juicy! — Michael

This is a lovely course.  It’s enlightening, uplifting and fun.

Elena opens a natural and effortless path to transformation for all who want it.  Then she guides her students with gentle love through the challenges of change.

She shares her insights and her intuition joyfully.  – John

I loved Elena’s course from the minute I started because she shared profound truths I had never heard about manifesting and the relationship between our mind body and spirit in this matter. Most other teachings focus purely on the mind but Elena taught amazing physical movements and breathing techniques which are immensely powerful for shifting dense energy! – Sandy

It’s been a safe space to just be open and get in touch with one’s emotions. And actually being able to speak out loud, things that maybe just go round and round in your head.

The best part of it is feeling the freedom to speak your own truth, without having that other track playing in your head, ‘what is this other person thinking of me’. I just felt free and able to be me. This is who I am. It’s very freeing. – Diana

We bonded instantly in a matter of minutes. The trust was flowing in a natural way.

Someone who hadn’t met you and you don’t know, but you take them into your heart, in a way, because you empathise with them as a human being. It’s really rewarding.

And there’s a lot of affirmation there.  And warm feeling. – Theresa

Thanks again for Tuesday evening — it was very rewarding and highlighted for me the importance of silent communication and the connection that is established from this. — Will

It was a beautiful experience last night. It felt amazing to connect with others so deeply. I’m still smiling, and feel very happy. — Marijke

Each person was able to open up and speak from their hearts, and I felt able to connect with people in the room on a deeper level.

Slowly I became aware of the heart connection for each person, rather than mind/ego connection. It was truly liberating and very moving to hear people sharing so deeply and honestly.

The next day and for quite a few days after I had a very clear vision of what I must attend to in my life that was most vital, and I found myself questioning deeply: why am I here and what is my purpose?

And in my sleep, dreams were awakened ones!  Those dreams you don’t forget when you wake up! – Lucy

Thank you beautiful sister for all that you are and all that you give. Truly a blessing.

I am also feeling super energised and motivated. Some very clear teachings have come through and I have some much welcomed clarity and deep gratitude in my heart…

This has very much been a journey of transformation for me and I could not have gotten where I am without engaging with the sisters and women’s circles.

The support I have received as a result of attending women’s circles has just been so incredible. I truly wish for sisters everywhere to know they are not alone and can experience the same. Such precious times! A lot of gratitude in my heart, really embracing the journey. Feel such a shift occurring on this road. Thank you, universe. Thank you, dear sister.” — Sarah

It was an awesome night… and so much has been filtering through my consciousness and emotional space since… It was powerful!

Today, I am feeling much lighter in my body and spirit and feeling lots of inspiration to hold and be in spaces where we can work with our inner marriage between the masculine/feminine… and gratitude for new waves of energy that come following periods of heaviness/darkness…

Womb healing and cacao! Such a beautiful combo! — Vicki

That was a beautiful and unexpected event.

I went with a completely open mind with no expectations and felt blessed to have happened upon your group.

What a blessed gathering of women and you at the helm made the occasion extremely smooth, genuine and totally lacking in ego. Loved the eclectic music — much like my own tastes!

Thank you for all that you do in honour of women. — Carmen

I am deeply grateful that Elena received and followed her inspirations for bringing through such key elements for further liberation of our souls, hearts and minds. For me, this material not only breaks new ground, it recasts some very familiar concepts and practices into a new and constantly evolving form that I and others can utilize in practical and effective ways in our lives.

There is movement in this, a feeling of emptying out of many of the conditions and programs that obscured our beauty and power.

Elena’s presentation of the course is loving, respectful and dynamic, and I always felt met and heard. She’s got the presence and humility to flow with it and through that presence, I found myself more attentive and engaged, and the exercises and course materials are spot on!

Thank you Elena (and your guides) for such a joyful, playful and illuminating experience. What a gift!” – Isaac


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