Deepen your connections: discover Tantra and Soul Mate relationships

No matter what your experience of relationship so far, you can deepen your connections and enhance your quality of communication and intimacy. Experience a Soul Mate relationship.

I’m not talking about some fluffy ideal. This is real-life relating for real people — with flesh & bones and heart & soul. And a spirit that longs to soar.

You’ll find insights and practical advice in the Free Resources section. Start with “Deepen Your Connections with Soul Mate Relationships”, a piece I wrote for Spirit & Destiny magazine.

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There are also pieces on Tantra and relationship as a yogic practice, including mp3 downloads and video: perfect to give you new perspective, especially if you’re just starting out on this journey of discovery.

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Coming up: A Day of Soul Mate Connections with Ceremonial Cacao & Sound Bath, together with sound healer and Reiki master, San Lau. Ceremonial Cacao is a Medicine of the Heart, helping us to connect with and embody the joy in our hearts. A gentle healing journey balances the livelier music and dance part of this unique workshop experience. Read more and register.

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