It’s a matter of philosophy. And spirituality. Mieko’s testimonial.

Mieko came to Elena Angel following the recommendation of a friend. Initially, she was hesitant about receiving guidance, mainly because of her strong spiritual practice and philosophy of life, but she took the plunge and signed up for a short bespoke coaching programe.

She explains:

I came across Elena via the recommendation of a friend — for which I’m very grateful.

My primary motivation behind working with Elena was to understand my emotional journey as a human and make peace with it. I had a number of questions and needed a like-minded individual to resolve these.

I wasn’t sure if I could “trust” and whether I would gain anything out off seeing someone, given my strong spiritual practice.

My experience working with Elena was very refreshing and stimulating.

Elena is a very instinctual guide. She is easy to talk to and can assimilate a number of philosophies while guiding one through their own internal journey.

We were able to discuss a number of philosophies and her strong instincts guided me in the right direction to resolving my inner conflicts.

I felt comfortable talking to her; and the reading and practices suggested by her were extremely relevant for my life.

My sessions with Elena allowed me to expand on  my personal study of philosophy and spirituality and understand the fabric of our existence better.

I was able to find direction on how to deal with childhood scars and understand how these could be affecting me as an adult, and most importantly how I could heal them.

Following my work with Elena, I am more relaxed about drama and more in love with myself. I am healing my wounds. I also notice that I am more forgiving.

A very grounding experience, Elena met me at the right time in my life!

— Mieko, London

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