Elena Angel at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in London

I’m delighted to return to the Mind Body Spirit Festival in London, 29th April to 2nd May 2016 for the third year running.

An opportunity to make some more soul mate connections, of course.

Through a variety of exercises, we will evoke our soul essence, feel into our innate gifts, align with our soul purpose and channel our energy in nourishing and supportive ways with and for each other.

A warm and joyful atmosphere, enlivened by music and movement, with time to share and answer questions.

Here’s what previous participants from Soul Mate Connections events have shared:

“It was a great evening of sharing and focusing on our true desires and dreams, which is something so special and important to do as often as possible!  The process had a powerful, confidence boosting effect as it was done after exercises during which we connected with each other energetically on a soul level — and so we knew and believed how great and capable we all already are!  Many thanks to Elena.”

– Maria, designer & illustrator

“I loved the dancing and group sharing. It was very encouraging and I felt cherished. People listen in different  ways and I enjoyed sharing my passions, as well as giving back and exploring a new dynamic in examining a person’s self-development.”

– Theresa Webb, nutritionist

“I didn’t know what to expect at all. Was Elena going to tell me how to find my lifetime partner? Would I have to touch someone (neither of which I wanted!). Instead, I connected organically and deeply with four complete strangers! I now feel relaxed and blissful! I felt safe and comforted the whole time and it sped by — usually, on a Friday after work, I want to go home to bed, but I am so glad I came. Thank you, Elena, for your gift. I want to come back for more workshops!”

– Kate, communications manager

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You needn’t wait until the festival, of course!

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