Rebecca’s Soulmate Success Story

Rebecca Pillsbury is an author and speaker, whose mission is to inspire women, especially, to discover themselves anew and write their own stories, as they embody more of their pleasure and joy.

Rebecca attended Elena Angel’s special Soul Mate Experience session at the Mind, Body Spirit Festival in London.

Guess what.

Not long after, she met her Beloved, her soul mate!

(They’re now married, about to move into their new home.)

Rebecca was no stranger to spirituality, personal development and conscious relating, but the experience she had during Elena’s special “Soul Mate Experience” workshop put her in the right state and frame of mind.

The talk and the exercises we did, especially eye-gazing, reminded her of what it means to be with a soul mate and how it feels to connect soul to soul.


She soon attracted – and recognised! — the man of her dreams, her Beloved.

Rebecca writes:

I first heard of Elena Angel while attending her “Soul Mate Experience” workshop at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in London.

The greatest piece of insight gained from Elena’s talk was the reminder that we can have more than one soul mate…and that soul mate relationships are sometimes only meant to last a moment in time. We did an exercise where we paired up with another participant, and silently gazed into the other’s eyes for several minutes. Though initially awkward for many in the room, the exercise opened us up to realize how much we can learn about another person when we remain silently present and heighten our awareness of body language.

Our eyes truly are windows to the soul, and often a much deeper and more effective communicator than words.

My favorite part of the workshop, however, was when a girl of about eight courageously raised her hand and asked, “Can you be soul mates with yourself?” Elena responded, “Absolutely! That’s the most important relationship we can have! Tell me, is there something you’d like to say to your soul mate?” The girl replied, “Yes, I’d like to say: never give up on yourself.” It was a beautiful moment that blurred the lines of teacher vs. student. There is so much we can learn from children!

When I attended the workshop, I was not in a relationship. I had met several soul mates before in my life, from partners, to friendships, to mentors, and as a traveler new to London, I had been feeling isolated in the city and spiritually disconnected from others. I was aching to connect on a soul level with people in the city I’d be staying in for two months. I did not have necessarily a romantic relationship in mind, but the universe had particular plans for me.

Within a few weeks after the workshop, not only did I experience a deep connection with a new friend, but I met the man of my dreams.

I attended a blues dance at a club in south London, and there was a man I “recognized” across the room. I thought I must have danced with him before, but I found out later he was new to blues dancing and we could not have met before. He later asked me to dance, and we struck up an easy rapport. I was quite comfortable with him from the start. We shared a few dances together before I invited him to the patio to continue our conversation. After half an hour of natural communication and laughter, we decided to share another dance back inside. As soon we our bodies came in for an embrace, we each felt an intense energetic exchange that left us in awe. He lifted my chin for a kiss, and despite my mental chatter about it being bad etiquette to kiss on the dance floor, I eventually allowed my rational mind to relax, and, as he confidently reminded me, to “just enjoy it.”  After two more hours of “enjoying it,” the dance ended and I was invited back to his place. Again, my rational mind told me, “you can’t go home with someone you just met!” but my soul knew I already knew him well. I ended up spending the week—my final in London—with him.

I knew he was my soul mate mostly because we did not need words to communicate.

We spent hours simply looking into each other’s eyes, and when we did, any question or comment my mind felt it “should” ask to get to know him, fell away. I saw in his eyes and felt in his touch any answer I might seek. I saw and felt pure love. It was the most natural relationship I had ever been in…

Our experience together is one of ease, but I am not saying that the relationship is without challenges—all relationships carry within them triggers and opportunities for growth. But what makes this relationship  different is it has been based upon authenticity, vulnerability, and transparency right from the start.

Everything I felt about him from that first night while gazing into his eyes has been proven true. Neither of us are perfect, but we’re perfectly suited to encourage each other’s growth through unconditional love and support. We do not try to change the other, but rather change ourselves to meet the other where they’re at.

I am grateful for the role Elena’s workshop played in returning my consciousness to how deeply we can connect with another simply by gazing into each other’s eyes.

I attribute that practice to my being able to attract, and recognize, my soul mate.


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