A Whole Different Level of Coaching. An interview with John.

John has worked extensively with Elena to further his personal development, especially to learn about energetics and how to apply consciousness tools and spiritual technology for success, happiness and enhanced influence. In this short interview, John describes his experience of Elena Angel and The Ultimate Connection Coaching®.

Q. Please tell us your age, profession, family situation, and where you are from.

I am 52 years old, a business executive, married, based in the UK.

Q. How did you find out about Elena?

I read about her in GQ magazine.

Q. What attracted you to her sessions and what were you hoping to get out of them?

I had become aware that I was very dominated by the cerebral aspects of life and work and wanted to focus more on being to balance the thinking. A friend suggested I look into tantra as a possible path — the same day I picked up GQ in an airport lounge and discovered Elena in the article within.

I wanted to find a way to activate my energy and passion which I felt I had lost.

Q. Had you done any sort of energy work before?

I thought I had, but Elena is on a whole different level: her presence and wisdom is a quantum level higher than anything I have experienced before.

Q. Could you describe your first session? And subsequent sessions? What were your insights?

The sessions with Elena are amazing… She creates a context of trust and warmth that enables an opening up — she has an uncanny, almost magical ability to say the right thing or suggest the right exercise at the right time. I have worked with many highly skilled practitioners but Elena’s instinct/talent to help me find the right frame or question is beyond compare.

Some of the insights I gain from the coaching sessions are not new and some are: the power is that the insights are felt and understood at as deeper level — this deeper knowing also triggers excitement and inspiration about what is now possible. The sessions with Elena are changing what I allow as possibilities.

Q. What have you personally gained from sessions in a pragmatic way?

I have recognised some of the deeply held, but self-limiting beliefs that I have been working with. More importantly, I am more in touch with my true self and this is translating into me being more expressive in both my work and personal life — with great results already and even more to come.

Q. And will you do more and what more do you hope for? The future?

I will do more! I want to accelerate and intensify my energy work as I believe it holds transformational power for me and potentially for those I care about.

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