Feminine Connection. Special Cacao Ceremony for Women.

Syma felt she’d lost touch with her feminine and longed to re-establish this connection within her. She attended a Cacao Ceremony for Women and surprised herself — pleasantly!

Syma writes:

I wanted to attend a cacao ceremony as I had heard that it helps open the heart and facilitates healing.

The ceremony itself was an intimate ritual with about eight women taking part.  All the ladies participating shared what they wanted to get out of the evening.

As each woman opened up about her life and her history, many of us could see overlaps with our own lives and started to bond.  I personally wanted to become more in touch with my feminine side and work on resolving conflict.

As the evening wore on, I felt myself become more and more relaxed.  Without being aware of it happening, my thinking (masculine) side switched off.  As Elena went round the room engaging with people and asking how they were doing, I found myself wanting to tune out of the conversation and sink deeper into the bean-bag I was sitting upon and just to be — a rarity for me as my mind is normally in overdrive.

During the ceremony, I experienced a moment of clarity, as I understood how to resolve the conflict I was facing in a mature and loving way.

At the end of the evening I felt slightly intoxicated, and in touch with my sensual self.  I felt giddy and happy.  Although the effect wore off later that evening, it was a relaxing and uplifting experience.

The cacao itself is richer and more bitter than chocolate you can buy commercially.  I found that when I added honey it became more palatable to drink.  Others lapped it up without adding anything.  It acts in the way a stimulant, like alcohol, might do in bringing down barriers, but without the side effects.

Elena expertly facilitated the ceremony as a shamanic healer with grace and love, intuitively moving into the background to help the women open up some of the time and leading the ritual at other times.  She opened up a safe welcoming space to share with other women where I felt I could safely open up and be part of a sisterhood.

Such female-only rituals have all but disappeared in Europe and the USA, and the experience makes you aware of how important it is to have ceremonies like this delivered by and for women.

— Syma, London


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