Forget internet dating: Soul Mate Connections feature in Spirit & Destiny Magazine

Soulmate Connections evening events hailed as “The Next Big Thing” in Spirit & Destiny.

Katie Masters writes:
When it comes to meeting that special someone who is just right for you and brings out the best in your personality, dating agencies don’t always hit the mark.
It’s all very well sharing an interest in rambling or reiki or fusion cooking, and finding each other easy on the eye, but many of us are looking for something deeper – a twin flame. Soul Mate Connections is a brand-new alternative to internet dating, launched in London by ‘intimacy coach’ Elena Angel.
Elena believes that our quest for love in the modern world often fails because we are distracted, not thinking about what our passions are and what we really want.
People who can identify their passions, work in careers they love and embrace interests that fire them up are more open to finding deep connections.
‘I’ve created a class that will help individuals be creative, consistent and above all themselves. Their motivation then changes – instead of wanting to find a partner, they want to be a true version of themselves.
‘This change in attitude will quickly lead to love – I’ve seen it happen so many times,’ says Elena.

Ready to make some new — and deeper — connections?

On Saturday, 2nd July, we have a special Day of Soul Mate Connections with Ceremonial Cacao and Sound Bath, together with sound healer and Reiki master, San Lau. Ceremonial Cacao is a Medicine of the Heart, helping us to connect with and embody the joy in our hearts. A gentle healing journey balances the livelier music and dance part of this unique workshop experience. Read more and register.

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