The Best Medicine? The fascinating science of (male) sexual arousal

“Sunshine is the best medicine”, they say.

But is it always so simple?

Perhaps, like me, who’s spent more than two decades under grey skies in London, you appreciate a bit of sunshine.  In fact, you need little else to have a big smile on your face.
And, maybe, like me, you’ve agonised over a problem for days, weeks, months, even years, until, when the answer to the problem comes to you, you realise it’s so simple, it’s self-evident. (In that moment, you can’t decide whether to jump up and down for joy, or kick yourself for not having worked it out sooner.)

Well, I’ve found that sometimes there are simple answers even to complex questions — and it’s great when that happens — but that is not always the case.

A lot of the time, a self-evident answer may not represent an actionable solution.

Let me give you some examples:

A person who is suffering ill-health through overeating and lack of exercise clearly ought to eat less and exercise more. That would be the obvious and direct solution to the problem, right?

By the same logic, two people that have a great relationship except they’re not having any sex and are suffering for this reason, clearly ought to have sex.

And a person who is addicted to porn and is experiencing poor or non-existent relationships and suffering from sexual performance issues as a result of the porn addiction, clearly ought to stop watching porn and start socialising. (More on this later.)

I am reminded of one incredible video…  Therapy couldn’t get simpler or more direct that this!
(Luckily, I’m not that kind of therapist…)

The fact is that, yes, the answer to most problems is to drop the old behaviour that causes the problem and adopt a new one that negates the problem — except that an act of transcendence or the building of a bridge is required for a person to move from one way of being to a very different one, effectively the polar opposite.

Every situation we find ourselves in comes with a history, a mindset, behavioural and emotional patterns and physiological changes, and the longer-standing the problem, the more persistent all those other aspects become: habitual, addictive even.

The video below shows how male erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence can be caused by porn addiction. * There is a very simple explanation of the problem, the mechanism and also a suggested solution (guessing what the latter might be?) and helpful resources.

So now you know more about the neuroscience of arousal, the function of the brain and the role of neurotransmitters and receptor cells, notably — this information is relevant to all, men and women, whether experiencing sexual problems or not.  Stress and persistent emotional states, such as recurring melancholy or aggression, feelings of self-pity or low self-esteem, are very common and inextricably linked with our body chemistry and other physiological changes.  Unconsciously, we create situations in our lives that cause us to feel these same states / emotions that we have become (chemically) addicted to.

Is there a way out?

As you know, I’m a great fan of Dr. Joe Dispenza, who has greatly furthered our understanding of neuroplasticity and the neuroscience of change with amazing applications for healing and personal transformation.

Dr. Joe Dispenza additionally works with quantum theory and the correlative understanding of energy and reality to come up with… wait for this… meditation and mindfulness practices that can effect practically any change.

The chain of transformation means that at the same time as we change our thoughts, we are also changing our emotions and our physiology, thus transforming our reality: our experience of life.  

We can create new lives for ourselves, free from ____ (illness, addiction, emotional pain, isolation, sexual discontent… just fill in the blank).

So, meditation does it.
Is this news?
Well, no.

The Taoists sussed it all out a long long time ago.  
They mapped micro- and macro-cosmic correspondences, understood the nature of the human mind, emotions and physiology, and of energy and matter and created powerful practices for enhanced quality of life — including sex! — and all-round transformation and empowerment.

Thinking of the earlier question of simplicity, certain Taoist practices, such as the healing Inner Smile, are exceptionally simple: child’s play.  Simple, easy, yet fantastically powerful and immediately, noticeably effective.

Others, such as Stem Cell Qi Gong and certain Sexual Alchemy practices, are more complex and require more practice.

Sometimes, it’s possible to reduce a complex method to a simpler essence or practice, but this is not always possible or advantageous and sometimes it’s necessary to be patient and stay focussed on applying the new knowledge and tools for a certain length of time before change becomes noticeable.

Many modern practitioners  — myself included — draw from a wide array of modalities, both ancient and modern, in response to recent advances and contemporary sensibilities, as well as modern stresses, pollutants, food chain degradation and fast-paced living.  

The role of the practitioner then is to:

  • draw from as rich a skill set as possible
  • make a considered assessment of every case
  • resource every individual with optimal means
  • in a manner that is understood by and relevant to the individual.

“Optimal” would be the most actionable and efficient means available, neither over-simplified, nor unnecessarily complex.

Let me offer you the insights and support for that all-important act of transcendence.
Let me help you to build the bridge that will carry you forward to the new way of being, living and loving.

Time to take that first step? Book your Free Discovery Session and let’s get started!

 * Research confirms a sharp increase in ED and other sexual dysfunctions in young men, especially, since the advent of streaming internet porn. Read more.