Relationship Coaching & Soul Mate Connections events in the Metro

My relationship coaching and Soul Mate Connections events were featured in the Metro!

I run evening events, workshops and longer retreats — and offer bespoke coaching, of course — designed to awaken You to Yourself.  In these, I help you to become firmly aligned with your deepest essence and truth, get moving in the direction of greater fulfilment and joy in your life, and give you real, practical tools to overcome blocks and challenges along the way.

Plus, you get to be with Soulmates…

Who knows? You could find your soulmate quicker than you think — concludes Lisa Scott in her piece.

A new experience for Londoners?

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Coming up: Soul Mate Connections workshop on Saturday, 13th February in London (SW1). An inspiring, insightful, soulful and fun day, focussing on attracting and enhancing closer partnerships and romantic relationships.

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