A profoundly moving experience. Lucy’s first Cacao Ceremony.

From time to time, especially as part of her Women’s work, Elena Angel runs Cacao ceremonies. These are sacred sharing circles that help us come back to our heart and connect us with our innate wisdom and unique gifts.

Lucy attended a Women’s Circle Cacao Ceremony — her first experience of this kind. She writes:

Drinking sacred cacao with Elena was a profoundly moving experience — serving the cacao with much love and grace.

I was expecting at most a feeling of well being — which is how chocolate is normally marketed — but, I would say,  this is not your usual chocolate!

Drinking cacao in a circle is a real gift — I could feel the warmth of the cacao flowing through me and I became very conscious of a warm feeling all over my body. The taste is not bitter at all, but a much richer intense chocolatey taste with extra honey if needed. We drank slowly, savouring each mouthful — not like gulping down a cappuccino!

Each person was able to open up and speak from their hearts, and I felt able to connect with people in the room on a deeper level.  Slowly I became aware of the heart connection for each person, rather than mind/ego connection. It was truly liberating and very moving to hear people sharing so deeply and honestly.

The next day and for quite a few days after I had a very clear vision of what I must attend to in my life that was most vital, and I found myself questioning deeply: why am I here and what is my purpose?  And in my sleep, dreams were awakened ones!  Those dreams you don’t forget when you wake up!

I can say without a doubt this inspirational journeying was greatly enhanced by this wonderful forgotten medicine plant — it just felt so right!

Thank you, Elena — I will always come back!

— Lucy,  London


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