Sweet Music & Soulmates: a surprising workshop experience featured in Weekend Notes

“There is something inspiring about meeting someone who follows their passion and creates the lifestyle they want by connecting to centre and manifesting what they need.

After spending some time with Elena Angel I get the feeling she is one such person and her work is designed to help the rest of us tap in to the right energy and do the same for ourselves.”

— writes journalist Ian Marshall, who attended a weekend workshop designed to help you Manifest Your Soulmate and was clearly impressed by the music — and other things…

He continues:

“Originally from Greece, Elena had a successful career as a musician although she always had a spiritual connection…
Her path is full of varied disciplines from tantra and taoist sexual yoga through to reiki, NLP and a myriad of other influences but this is very much a spiritual workshop without any sort of emphasis on the overtly spiritual.As is befitting her background, music is a major part of how energy is generated and maintained throughout the two days of immersion into manifesting. We danced by ourselves to spaced out vibes and with a partner to some classic party tunes. Elena set the mood with chilled vibes and created the backdrop to deep meditation where the selection of music was a key factor.Music is all about vibration and the work being done here is all about working in subtle ways on energy that isn’t always consciously manipulated. It is a powerful device to set the mood and allow creative work and discussion to flow.Of course, the power of mantra, devotional chanting and music meditations are nothing new but it was interesting to see how dropping Andy Williams’ Music to Watch Girls By, for example, suddenly lightened everyone’s mood and brought smiles to faces.Passing around a rose-quartz in the shape of a heart we were all given the opportunity to share a little bit about ourselves and, if we chose, about our experiences of the individual practices we tried over the weekend. This helped our group get to know each other and the different characters display their takes on what we were learning. It was a small but varied group, in age as well as outlook which led to some interesting discussion.The Ho’oponopono meditation is a Hawaiian practice to transform inner aspects of ourselves into a feeling of forgiveness. By focussing on the issue that we are struggling with and deeply feeling the emotion that it invokes we visualise this as our inner child suffering and then start to feel compassion with the thought “I’m sorry”. As the compassion rises we take action to heal the inner child by offering “Please forgive me” and then “I love you”. The practice ends by feeling grateful that we have seen, acknowledged and healed the part of us that was challenged and allowing ourselves to expand to a wider viewpoint.It was a powerful meditation for me and I felt it would make real change manifest quickly.

Note: The Ho’oponopono guided meditation recording is available in Membership Resources.

We split into pairs, helped each other stretch, exchanged massage and connected in a physical way but also intellectually by a process of one to one discussions about what we wanted from our soulmate. I found it a fascinating conversation as both my partner and I realised things through talking that were important which previously we would not have rated so highly.

Elena’s decision to make spirituality the driving force was made after she did a meditation on finding her soul’s purpose. We did a similar meditation and although I didn’t get a flash of inspiration I did feel the weekend overall helped to give me a lot of clarity.”

[Published in Weekend Notes]